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Food Safety Management System:
Food Production Safety
in Manufacturing

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Food Safety Protects People, Profits, and Brands

Intertek Alchemy’s food safety training, reinforcement, and compliance solutions help millions of frontline workers keep food safe and avoid incidents and recalls every day. See how your company can sustain a strong food safety culture by building employee knowledge, confidence, and engagement.


Overcome Your Top Challenges
with a Complete Food Safety Solution

The Global Food Safety Training Survey finds 67% of companies — despite their best efforts — still have employees not following their food safety program on the floor. Intertek Alchemy enables companies to overcome the top 3 challenges cited in the report.

Finding Time For Food Safety

Reduce Time Needed to Deliver
Quality Food Safety Courses & Training

"Finding time for training" is the #1 training challenge. Intertek Alchemy is the world's largest food safety training company, enabling you to quickly deliver effective training with:

  • Short, engaging food safety courses to limit time off the floor
  • Group-based training to reach 150 employees at once
  • Role-specific learning plans to onboard new hires quickly
  • On-the-floor reinforcement programs to keep workers working

Verify Comprehension and Correct Application

Be sure your food safety plan is followed — and stay ahead of FSMA requirements for training documentation with a food safety management system that includes:

  • Digital sign-ins for instant reporting on who's been trained on what and when
  • In-course digital quizzes to quickly identify workers needing more coaching
  • Mobile supervisor tools to verify, reinforce, and correct behaviors
Food Safety Training Coach Tool
Food Safety Training Huddle Guide

Easily Deliver Refresher Training

Lack of refresher training is a top deficiency identified during audits. Build a continuous learning environment through multi-touch training reinforcement, including:

  • Short, 3-5 minute refresher courses on key food safety issues
  • "Huddle guides" for supervisors to consistently reinforce important topics
  • Continuous loop videos and high-impact posters to keep food safety top-of-mind

Elevate All Workers to Food Safety Experts

Intertek Alchemy ensures your employees have both the knowledge and confidence they need to become experts. Our food safety training and courseware builds their knowledge. Our coaching and reinforcement solutions builds their confidence in key areas like:

  •  Cleaning & sanitizing
  •  Listeria & salmonella control
  •  HACCP training
  •  Allergen training
  •  SQF and BRC food standards
  •  Preventing food contamination
  •  Effective hand washing
  •  And many more
Food Safety Learning Behavior Model

Ensure Workers Meet Regulatory
and Customer Requirements

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Watch how your peers stay FSMA and GFSI ready.

Complying with FSMA or USDA regulations, and adhering to GFSI standards, are critical for your business. You can rely on Intertek Alchemy to provide the most up-to-date training and reinforcement programs for your frontline workforce — with seamless reporting to prove your adherence to auditors.


Strengthen Your Food Safety Program with Expert Consulting

A changing regulatory environment, updating GFSI standards, and increasing customer expectations add to the challenge of sustaining your food safety and quality systems. Alchemy Consulting eliminates the guesswork and ensures your organization achieves its food safety and quality objectives on: