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See how Intertek Alchemy helps train manufacturing employees.

A Training Management Solution for Diverse Needs

Intertek Alchemy’s integrated onboarding, training, and reinforcement solutions help optimize workforce development, productivity, and retention. And our automated reporting tools drastically reduce time spent on training documentation and audit preparation.


A Training Management Program that Works

Save Time on Training & Verification

Training management can take hours away from important needs — especially when documenting manually. Document digitally with Alchemy Manager, and save a step. Since learners answer questions as they go, verifying comprehension is built in.

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Easy, Paperless Recordkeeping

When most safety professionals say verifying training is their number one training challenge, maybe it’s time to lose the paper records. Intertek Alchemy’s training management system stores data in the cloud, ready to show auditors 24-7.

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Create Learning Plans — and Execute Them

Train manufacturing employees on the required topics for their role, in the required cadence, and easily track the results. With Intertek Alchemy, it’s easy to create learning plans for all positions.

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Training Management Across Multiple Plants

Compiling paper records across multiple sites and facilities can be a headache. Alchemy Manager digitizes data and standardizes recordkeeping for more consistent training data.

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Reduce Human Error

Even small mistakes mean the difference between passing and failing compliance. Let automated Alchemy Manager do the heavy lifting and reduce chances for data entry errors.

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Integrate with HRIS

To further eliminate the burden of recordkeeping, Intertek Alchemy‘s training management system can be easily integrated with existing HR, payroll, and learning management systems.

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Minimize Time Off the Floor


The biggest challenge of training manufacturing employees according to HR professionals? Fitting training into tight schedules. Intertek Alchemy keeps workers working & production running.

  • Train up to 150 employees at once with group-based training
  • Quickly brief employees with shift huddle guides
  • Deliver info quickly & increase retention with short courses & refreshers
  • Enable supervisors to coach on the floor with mobile tools
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Workforce Development with
Continuous Learning


Training lays the foundation. But unless training is reinforced, workers may follow the forgetting curve and lose up to 80% of material within a month! Intertek Alchemy uses a suite of multimedia tools that complement each other and reinforce training concepts on the floor.

Learn more about Intertek Alchemy coaching technology

Learn more about Intertek Alchemy communications tools
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See how Intertek Alchemy reverses the forgetting curve.


Build a Strong Culture & Retain Employees

Research consistently shows companies that use workforce development training to engage employees perform better¹:

less employee turnover

less absenteeism

greater customer satisfaction


Yet research also shows up to 70% of employees are not engaged at work. The rest use Intertek Alchemy.

  • Foster collaboration and a team environment
  • Strengthen worker-supervisor relationships
  • Build learning plans and progression paths for career advancement
  • Boost morale with better training and fewer injuries
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¹Source: "Global Trends in Employee Engagement" (North American results cited, Aon Hewitt/Queens University)