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Drive Performance in Warehouse & Distribution Workers

The distribution industry faces unique challenges: risky work environments, remote drivers, ever-evolving OSHA and DOT regulations, and high turnover. Our warehouse and driver performance training programs meet the needs of warehouse workers, drivers, and the rest of distribution’s front lines.

Meet safety and operations goals with relevant training that includes interactive courseware, dynamic reinforcement tools, and automatic recordkeeping for compliance. Alchemy creates continuous learning to ensure consistency and correct behavior — in the warehouse, on the road and beyond.

See how Dawn Foods drove down TRIR from an 8 to a 5 — while reducing accidents!

Alchemy solves distribution challenges and helped reduce Dawn Foods’ TRIR (recordable injuries) nearly in half for over eight years. Alchemy also helped Dawn Foods overcome the task of training remote drivers. Hear Ed from Dawn Foods tout Alchemy’s ability to document training.

Alchemy is a life saver.
 Ed Kaplan, Regional Operations Manager – Safety, Dawn Foods Distribution

Accelerate Safety & Performance

Improve fleet safety, CSA scores, and engagement with over 70 courses targeting truck drivers & transportation managers. For even more content, upgrade to our premium PRO-TREAD library.

  • DOT requirements
  • Sanitary Transport Rule
  • Emergency Driving Maneuvers
  • Winter Driving
  • Hazmat
  • Cargo Loading
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Cold Chain
  • Workplace Safety
  • And many more

Drive Safety &
Warehouse Operations

Ensure safety and efficiency with courses relevant to the warehouse:

  • Warehouse Safety Training
  • Material Handling
  • High Lift Operations
  • Pallet Truck Operations
  • Loading & Receiving Area Food Safety
  • Pre-load Temperature Checks
  • Cold Chain
  • Safe Pallet Building
  • And many more

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