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A Guide to HACCP Compliance from Food Safety Magazine and Intertek Alchemy

HACCP compliance is a complex and sometimes confusing topic. Now you can get the answers you’ve been looking for in Food Safety Magazine’s Guide to HACCP Compliance. This eBook features highly trusted industry experts sharing their extensive knowledge about some of the most important aspects of HACCP compliance, and how to build the systems that drive successful food safety cultures.

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Chapters of this eBook:

  • A New Paradigm for Validation, Verification, and Monitoring
    John G. Surak Ph.D.
  • From Apples to Poultry: How to Organize Your Hazard Analysis
    John E. Rushing, Ph.D.
  • HACCP Credential Closes the Verification Loop
    Larry Lynch
  • Successful HACCP Systems: A Comprehensive Approach
    Jeff Chilton
  • The 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Heavenly Virtues of Food Safety: A Catechism of HACCP
    Robert A. LaBudde, Ph.D.

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