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Food Safety Training that Drives Culture,
Compliance, and Productivity


Engage your workforce to drive culture, compliance, and productivity.

Intertek Alchemy delivers the solutions you need to empower your frontline workforce to make a measurable impact on food and workplace safety, quality, and productivity. Our integrated training, communication, and reinforcement programs are built for the specific needs of food manufacturers and growers.

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Built for the Unique Challenges of Frontline Workers

Most training and engagement solutions are built for the office.
Intertek Alchemy is built for the production floor.


Production demands to
remain on the floor

High-risk, hazardous

High turnover, seasonality,
& temp workers

Multiple languages &
education levels

Limited access to


Intertek Alchemy is the Clear Advantage

Compare Intertek Alchemy to in-house or other third party training content or management solutions and...well... there really is no comparison. Alchemy is the only complete courseware development and delivery system available.

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Build Employee Skill and Engagement

Frontline workers are the first line of defense against costly food recalls and injuries. Ensure your workforce has the knowledge, confidence, and engagement to succeed.


Solutions Built for and by
the Food Industry

Intertek Alchemy collaborates with the food industry’s leading companies and organizations to develop courses and technology solutions that meet the unique challenges of food manufacturing. Here are some of the companies that comprise our advisory board:

Intertek Alchemy Strategic Partners

In addition to our advisory board partners, Intertek Alchemy partners with leading food industry organizations to deliver needed food safety and quality solutions.