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Powering Your Workforce: How to Train Employees for Optimal Performance

There are a variety of different ways to train your frontline manufacturing employees. But there’s also a reason why over 1,000 manufacturing facilities choose Intertek Alchemy’s training platform — it works.

We invite you to join our complimentary webinar to see how our complete training solution empowers your employees to drive safety, quality, productivity, and compliance. See how we can help you create a program that simplifies your onboarding, on-the-job, and refresher training needs — consistently across all employees and locations.

You’ll learn:

  • The elements and benefits of a technology-based training platform
  • The importance of courseware geared toward frontline workers
  • How Intertek Alchemy ensures client success through implementation and beyond
  • Tips for training employees while preventing the spread of COVID-19


Hannah Beckwith - Account Manager - Intertek Alchemy

Hannah Beckwith
Account Manager, Intertek Alchemy

Portrait - Speaker, Doug Wilmsmeyer, Sales Director, Intertek Alchemy

Doug Wilmsmeyer
Sales Director, Intertek Alchemy


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