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Motivate Your Employees
with Consistent
Training Communication


Create a continuous learning environment.

World-class training is just the beginning. A structured reinforcement program ensures your frontline workers consistently apply that training on the floor.

Intertek Alchemy helps your company deliver a consistent multi-touch communications strategy. Motivate even your most disengaged employees by delivering continuous learning in multiple formats like huddle guides, posters, digital signage, and more. The result? Knowledge retention improves as much as 38%.

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See how communication best practices increase knowledge retention.

Multi-touch Employee Communication Strategy

Alchemy Communications reinforce important training topics for consistent messaging across shifts, departments, and facilities. Use a rotation schedule to feature a new bilingual internal communication topic every month that keeps training top of mind. See topics covered.


Make Team Huddles More Productive

Empower your team leads with pre-built Alchemy Huddle Guides that reinforce important topics in a group setting, so everyone benefits. Alchemy Huddle Guides ensure consistency across every shift by giving supervisors a structured way to engage their teams. View a sample huddle guide.

Workplace Communication Posters

Reinforce Key Concepts with Eye-catching Posters

A picture is worth a thousand words — so why not use emotionally resonant visuals that reinforce safety concepts on the floor? Trade generic posters that are easily overlooked for Intertek Alchemy’s highly impactful posters that make a statement. View sample posters.

Broadcast Training Concepts with Digital Videos

Take advantage of high-traffic areas, like break rooms, by displaying Intertek Alchemy mini-videos on TV monitors. These digital signs play on a continuous loop and complement Intertek Alchemy's posters and huddle guides to reinforce important safety topics. Watch a sample.

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Boost Supervisors’ Productivity

Supervisors and team leads have the most interaction with frontline workers, so it's critical they have the employee communication tools they need to be most effective. Intertek Alchemy's multi-touch solution saves supervisors time, provides a boost in reinforcement, and aligns goals across workers and shifts.

Save Them Time

Leading productive shift meetings takes time, preparation, and energy supervisors simply don't have. Intertek Alchemy does this prep work with high-quality materials out of the box, so supervisors can plug and play.

Build Their Confidence

Not all supervisors are great communicators. Build their confidence and communication skills with easy-to-follow reinforcement materials that create engagement with their teams.

Keep Them Consistent

Communicating consistent messages across lines, shifts, departments, and plants is a challenge. Alchemy Communications makes sure all supervisors stay on the same page — and on message.