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Create & Deliver Training Anywhere
with OJT Training Solutions


Watch how to create OJT right on the floor with Alchemy Playbook.

Ensure OJT is Accurate

Consistent On-the-job training (OJT) is a great way to demonstrate job-specific tasks. Many workers prefer to learn by doing. But, how do you know they’re learning the right way? Too often unsanctioned OJT spreads bad practices quicker than the flu. Alchemy Playbook creates a lock-tight system on how consistent OJT content is created, approved, and delivered.

Customizable Courseware

Create Job-specific Training Right on the Production Floor

The Alchemy Playbook app makes it easy to clone your best workers! Use any mobile device to record the proper way to perform tasks. Then easily turn it into a training course by adding text instructions and quizzes to verify comprehension.

Creating courses in Playbook is easy, using video, photos, or existing materials. You can even turn existing SOPs into visual work instructions. Your administration team decides who is eligible to create courses. And new training can’t be delivered until it is validated and approved for use — ensuring the right way is the only way employees learn.


Deliver Training Anywhere in Facility — No WiFi Needed

Now that you’ve created excellent OJT, use the same Playbook app to deliver the training. Provide detailed task instructions right where the work will be performed, on the actual equipment used. This helps frontline workers more clearly understand and comprehend the training. Quizzes throughout the course ensure comprehension, with all answers documented and easily retrieved for audits or injury claims.

Alchemy Playbook is perfect to deliver correct on-the-job training for:

  • Job-specific processes
  • Proper usage of specialized equipment
  • Equipment cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance
  • New hire onboarding of operational tasks
  • SOP training
Qualifications Interface

Validate & Track
Worker Qualifications

Alchemy Playbook makes it easy to track what jobs and tasks each employee is qualified to perform. Take guesswork out of the realm of possibility for worker injuries or quality defects. With Playbook, you don’t have to rely on anybody’s “word for it,” or wrestle with hard-to-manage competency spreadsheets.

Use Playbook to establish the criteria that are required to qualify an employee to operate a specific machine or perform a certain task. Qualification criteria can include:

  • Job-specific courses created with Alchemy Playbook.
  • Alchemy training courses
  • Other training materials or SOPs
  • Observation checklist
  • Supervisor signoff

Now, only a worker that has successfully completed all qualification criteria is cleared to run a specific machine or perform a certain task. And you can find who is qualified with the tap of a finger. You can also set whether or not a qualification expires, when, and what renewal criteria is required. Receive automatic notifications of upcoming expirations to always be a step ahead.


Instantly Find Qualified Workers for Any Task in Facility

Avoid costly downtime from unplanned employee absences. Alchemy Playbook ensures any gap in the production line is filled quickly. The user-friendly app gives plant managers and supervisors an instant view of every worker qualified to perform a task, empowering them to reallocate workers as needed.

Playbook also makes it easy to track employee progress toward learning new tasks and earning new job qualifications. This helps companies proactively identify personnel gaps for key equipment or procedures.

Qualified Workers Interface